Under the Black Flag

Terrorizing the Old Bag

Once upon a time, the New York Times called herself the Old Gray Lady; now, truth be told, she’s much closer to a Bitter Old Bag.  Long-winded, overexplained, tendentious, and biased against anything normal, the Times is more to be pitied than loathed.  And like a festering boil on an old bag’s backside, Donald Trump continues to drive the increasingly hysterical pundits of the Times mad with frustration.  The rash that is The Donald simply will not go away.  Among many other things, Trump has exposed the Bag for what she really is: desperate to keep her dwindling readership by embracing transgender, gay, bisexual, black, Hispanic, even criminal elements, against Christian whites.

But this month’s column is not only about the dull and boring Times: It’s about how everyone in the world needs to have someone else on whom they can look down.  Trump has become a convenient catchall for arrogant and self-important hacks to show their contempt for those less educated than themselves, the “invisibles” who are stupid enough to be for Trump.  However smarmy and oleaginous toward Hillary, pundits are desperate to show themselves as leaders for a responsible electorate.  They are nothing of the sort.

Here’s an example of what I mean by the unbiased news reporting the Times does not...

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