Terms of Revilement

Making a Killing, which may be the most influential anti-gun book ever written, could not have been better timed to the current wave of lawsuits against gun companies, since many of the legal claims closely resemble the charges that Tom Diaz makes against the gun industry. Moreover, the book will likely help shape public opinion regarding the gun issue in general and gun companies in particular, thereby reducing the prospect that state legislatures or Congress will enact legislation to prohibit the lawsuits.

Yet Diaz's work will also be of interest to persons who are not much interested in the gun issue. Making a Killing, for one tiling, is the first book to analyze the American firearms industry, previous ones having concentrated on a single company (e.g., Winchester), its products, and the evolution of firearms design, rather than on the business decisions faced by company leaders. For another, this book should be of interest to political scientists as an example of changing styles of political rhetoric and, in particular, for the important step forward that Making a Killing represents in the tactics of gun-control advocates. In the past, the debate has been over "gun control"—a term which resonates very negatively with a large segment of the voting public. (Americans do not like being "controlled.") The gun-control debate has been about restrictions on gun possession by law-abiding...

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