Terminators, Inc.

        “Hieronymo’s mad againe.”

The cover of the August issue of The Atlantic Monthly, titled “Drone Warrior,” features a picture of President Obama and the question, “Has It Become Too Easy for a President to Kill?”  I should have thought “Stop me before I kill again” or, perhaps, “I’ll be back” would have been more to the point.  The U.S. military apparatus has come to rely on unmanned aircraft—the top brass do not like the sound of the word drones—as a primary weapon in what they used to call the “War on Terror,” until their Commander in Chief expressed distaste for the term.

In August, in the midst of a much-ballyhooed security alert that reminded Americans why they should not object to any of the government’s surveillance measures no matter how unconstitutional or invasive they might be, drone strikes in Yemen were said to have killed a number of Al Qaeda “terrorists,” none of whom were on the government’s most-wanted list.  If the “terrorists” had been working to overthrow a regime we had targeted for removal by Operation Arab Spring, they would be called rebels or freedom fighters.

Perhaps everything in Yemen was just as our President said it was, but Americans with any sense have learned not to trust...

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