Tears for Fears

“A good name is rather to be chosen than great riches,” said wise King Solomon.  In the fall of 2018, Democrats pressed with all their might to take Brett Kavanaugh’s good name away, in an effort to retake control of Congress.  This was, to say the least, unjust, as the nominee himself—by all reasonable accounts a good man—said tearfully during his confirmation “hearing,” a farcical witch trial that would’ve made Cotton Mather blush.

This does not go without saying, so therefore it must be said: Conservatives should not be shocked by the behavior of Democrats and their water-carrying media.  In every way imaginable, the left has begged us to believe that they are the sort of diabolical creatures that will Bork the hell out of any perceived threat to Roe v. Wade.

Yet I wonder: Are we even capable of realizing that those who think nothing of destroying a man’s reputation in order to preserve legal infanticide and win midterm elections simply cannot be trusted, and that their breathless and completely unfounded allegations ought to be treated with scorn?

Also: Do we truly believe that the media are liberal, and that Hollywood has no moral compass?

We actually marvelled at the fact that in the year 2018 a film such as Chappaquid dick could be made and shown: a film which dared to portray as ambiguous Ted Kennedy’s...

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