Team Donkey in Rebuild Mode


In the immediate aftermath of their drubbing on November 8, and following Hillary Clinton’s career-ending injury, the Democrats faced the question every rebuilding team faces: Who is the quarterback of the future?

DNC interim chairperson Donna Brazile is not the answer.  She’s still undergoing the concussion protocol, after a helmet-to-helmet collision with WikiLeaks in October, following their interception of her email.  They discovered that Brazile, a longtime DNC strategist and LGBTQ activist with ties to CNN, had used her media connections to pass debate questions to the Clinton campaign.

Brazile had taken over the starting role in July at the Democratic National Convention, after WikiLeaks revealed that then-DNC chairperson Debbie Wasserman Schultz had chop-blocked avowed socialist Bernie Sanders to secure the nomination for Clinton.  Booed as she exited the locker room, Wasserman Schultz announced her resignation and was duly rewarded by the Clinton campaign with the job of “50 State Program Chair.”  She’s a free agent now, but she’s out of the running thanks to too many unsportsmanlike-conduct penalties.

Enter Keith Ellison, a black, pro-abortion, pro-gay-marriage Muslim from Minnesota, who magically emerged on the Day After...

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