Cultural Revolutions

Taking the Reins

Republicans?are taking the reins of the 108th Congress this month, thanks, in part, to their tough talk about “homeland security” in the weeks leading up to last November’s elections.  What can Americans expect now that the GOP?enjoys majorities in both the House and the Senate and has their man in the White House to sign whatever they send him?  An end to abortion—even “partial-birth” abortion?  Tax cuts across the board?  A balanced budget?

If Republican actions during the month of November are any indication, the answer, lamentably, may be obfuscatory rhetoric and a bigger federal bureaucracy.

The hefty, 435-page H.R. 5005, better known as the Homeland Security Act, chugged through the House of Representatives on November 13, the Senate on the 19th, and was signed by the President on the 25th.  Around 5:17 A.M. on the morning of the 13th, just hours before the scheduled vote in the House, new provisions appeared in the bill’s official record, immunizing some of the Republicans’ biggest contributors—prescription-drug manufacturers—against over 1,000 lawsuits they face for including thimerosal in vaccines.  Thimerosal is alleged to be one of the chief causes of the autism epidemic now plaguing America.

Eli Lilly Corp., a leading pharmaceutical researcher and manufacturer, first developed thimerosal, a mercury-based compound...

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