Take the Money and Run: Entitlement Politics

As New York City’s mayoral campaign kicked into overdrive earlier this spring, the New York Times saw fit to question the viability of Republican candidate Joe Lhota, former chairman of the Metropolitan Transit Authority.  With all the populist fervor it could muster, the Times asked readers, “Can New Yorkers learn to love someone who increased subway fares?”

The field of bidders this election cycle presents slim pickings for responsible, taxpaying Gotham residents.  The ballot so far includes former New York City comptroller William C. Thompson, Jr., who, in the Times’ phrasing, resembles “A Dinkins for the 21st Century,” and Thompson’s successor from Queens, John Liu, whose campaign has been under investigation for corruption since he announced his intention to run.  Assorted racial demagogues and Twitterholic Anthony Weiner threaten to enter.  And what would New York’s mayoral race be without yet another self-made billionaire?  This time supermarket magnate John Catsimitidis has mistaken his personal wealth for a public mandate for despotic nanny-state meddling the way his predecessor, Michael Bloomberg, has done for the last 12 years.  The Democratic front runner, New York City Council speaker Christine Quinn, wears her lesbianism on her pantsuit sleeve while bragging that each of her brothers...

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