Take My Guns, Please

Letter From Australia

Worried about your civil liberties?  Concerned that the Potomac sniper’s terror, though now concluded, will lead to the shredding of the Second Amendment?  Then spare a thought for the helots Down Under, who are facing the prospect of unlimited gun confiscation after the horrific shooting spree of October 21, 2002, which killed two students and gravely injured five at Melbourne’s Monash University. 

Before the corpses had even been buried, the “Liberal” (a.k.a., with equal implausibility, “conservative”) John Howard was on the airwaves, demanding even tougher antigun laws than the ones he had imposed soon after Tasmania’s Port Arthur massacre, which occurred soon after he had won the prime ministry in 1996.  Six years ago, only private rifle owners lost their weapons.  Now, the planned targets are pistol owners.  Federal Treasurer Peter Costello informed the Melbourne Age on October 24, 2002, that there are “too many handguns in our society.”  One particular aspect of the new campaign indicates how far Australians have gone down the road to serfdom since Mr. Howard first gained office.  If he gets his way, we Untermenschen will have our fitness for future gun ownership judged by (Aldous Huxley, eat your heart out) “compulsory psychological tests.”

Victorian Labor Party Premier Steve Bracks, head of...

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