Synthetic Syntheses

Sam Francis’s most enduring, as well as trenchant, political insight may have been his perception of what he caustically described as “the unique achievement of the political genius of the modern era.”  Francis dubbed this “anarcho-tyranny”—“a kind of Hegelian synthesis of two opposites,” he explained, in which the failure of the state to enforce protective law is coupled with the enforcement of oppressive law by the state to tyrannical ends.  Under anarcho-tyranny, the underclass—rampaging blacks, illegal aliens invading from south of the border—is by and large tolerated or ignored in its behavior, while the law-abiding middle classes and that part of the upper class that is not directly incorporated into the ruling elite are criminalized through unfair taxation, social engineering, antigun legislation, “hate crime” statutes, and other forms of legislative and judicial harassment.  Anarcho-tyranny is the strategy by which a dictatorially minded ruling class exploits the lower orders for the purpose of grinding the middling majority between upper and nether millstones.  Its primary and essential aim is the concentration of political and economic control exclusively in the hands of the governing elite and its apparatchiks—exactly in the manner, and to the same purpose, that the Communist Party gained absolute control of the Soviet Union in the 1920’s. ...

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