In Memoriam


Easter 2019 was a vivid reminder that Good Friday still precedes Easter Sunday. The global news machine brought us horrific images of Christians massacred in their churches by Islamic terrorists in Sri Lanka. And an older, more personal means of communication spread the sad, shocking news that Chronicles’ Aaron Wolf, beloved by all who knew him, died on Easter Sunday, at the tragically young age of 45.

One does not need to know much about politics to realize how much Aaron stood out from that world. The politicians and pundits promoted by the mass media often engage in ugly public squabbles and are driven by petty egotism. Someone as unfailingly kind, considerate, and humble as Aaron stands out against such a background like the Star of Bethlehem. 

Indeed, someone as kind, generous, and humble as Aaron would have stood out in any setting, including Therese of Lisieux’s Carmel, Mother Teresa’s Home for the Dying, and Bernadette Soubirous’ convent, each of which saw much that was at odds with the virtue exemplified by its most famous resident.

Aaron always sought to encourage those he met. When he sent back galleys for Chronicles writers to review, he always—until the press of business made it impossible—included a brief note letting them know how much he appreciated their work. He was generous and kind with writing and editing advice, which I relied on...

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