Surviving College 101

Hugh Hewitt's First Principles is a 125-page manual on how to handle the cacophony of illiberal thought that flourishes in our universities.

Consider the experience of one prominent victim, Amy Carter. The freckle-faced little girl who once stood at the knee of the President of the United States has become a self-described "feminist-socialist" in the ranks of the America-hating campus left. Amy used to worry about nuclear war, but someone at Brown University told her that the CIA is the imminent danger.

How could it happen? Jimmy and Rosalynn certainly bear blame. But the American academy, it seems, must also accept responsibility for how Amy Carter is turning out. After Amy traveled north to Brown, she decided that she was not going to become a scholar, but an activist. "Graduation is not important to me," she announced proudly. So at Brown, where students not too long ago voted to urge the university to store cyanide pills in the event of a nuclear war. Amy was placed on probation for disrupting a board of trustees meeting. At the University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Amy prevented other students from signing up with the dreaded CIA.

Hewitt's First Principles challenges the monopoly of liberal political, economic, and cultural thought by providing short, biting chapters on relevant campus concerns such as money, government, communism, defense, poverty, race, and...

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