American Proscenium

Surging Toward a Time Horizon

Having listened to recent statements made by President George W. Bush and his presumptive heir, John McCain, I am impressed that these two carriers of the neocon torch expect the opponents of their disastrous military misadventure in Mesopotamia, including presumptive Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, to crawl on all fours before the War Party’s leaders, hail the power of their strategic foresight, and beg for their forgiveness.  The Surge—S-U-R-G-E—in Iraq.  Did we mention the Surge?  Yes, Dick, Paul, Bill, and “Scooter,” the success of the Surge just forces every one of us to reread all the back issues of The Weekly Standard, to watch reruns of FOX News programs, and to admit that, unlike us appeasers and defeatists, you guys were right from the beginning!

And by the way, thanks for not listening to Silly Us, and that again includes Obama.  Can you imagine what would have happened if we hadn’t ousted an Iraqi leader who had no ties to Al Qaeda or any responsibility for the September 11 attacks?  Or the mess that we would have on our hands if we hadn’t invaded a country that had no weapons of mass destruction and that didn’t pose a direct threat to our national security?  Or if President Bush had paid attention to the warnings: that perhaps America won’t be able to impose democracy at the point of gun on a non-Western...

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