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Summer School 2014: The Age of Dante

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Set of 16 CDs, with lectures by Thomas Fleming, E. Christian Kopff, Fr. Hugh Barbour, James Patrick, Gail Fleming, and Michael Morow.

Dante is simply the most important imaginative writer of the past 1,500 years. He is the highest epitome of Christian civilization and at the same time the most influential writer in the Italian language. Indeed, Dante can be regarded as the creator of Italian. By writing the Commedia in his native dialect, he made Florentine Tuscan the literary language of Italy.

With the help of our brilliant and learned lecturers, students will learn to find their way through a work that is unparalleled not only for its richness and beauty but for its Christian wisdom. Anyone who has ever tried to read the Commedia but has given it up—and anyone who has read it, even several times, without getting to the heart—will want to hear what the speakers have to say.

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