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Stuck in the Middle With May


I’m quite moved these days when I meet Americans and they ask me, ever so delicately, “How’s Brexit?”  Or: “How’s that Brexit thing going?”  Or, “Are you guys going to be OK with the Brexit?”

Perhaps it’s politesse, a passing interest in a small country’s affairs.  They often wear this anxious look, though, the expression people pull when inquiring about an acquaintance who may or may not be dead.  It’s touching.

The correct response, probably, is that Brexit may well now be dead, and nobody knows if British parliamentary democracy will ever recover.  It’s that bad.

Since my last dispatch—and again, I’m sorry to bang on about Brexit in this column—the political crisis has only intensified.  And yet still, somehow, almost nothing has changed.  Prime Minister Theresa May attempted to push the deadline away to June; but the E.U. decided we will now be leaving on April 12. As I write, her Withdrawal Agreement has been rejected three times by the House of Commons, and a fourth vote is scheduled.  The House has also voted yes to a...

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