Cultural Revolutions

Strange Conventions

There’s a lot to be said—though as a conservative I hate to admit it—for the sheer passage of time.  Change can elevate as well as degrade.  We don’t have to believe in the bauble Progress in order to know that established orders require and invite house cleanings after periods of complacency and foolishness.

Which is another way of saying how much I look forward—even if I’m not around for it—to the inevitable collapse of the existing order in the Episcopal Church: of which I am, yes, a committed member.  The present order—resting on pride, sophistry, self-delusion, and a commitment to loosey-goosey theology—cannot be sustained.  It doesn’t work anymore.  This being America, what doesn’t work will fail.  I’ll return to this point in a minute.

First, I must confess to hanging out for a week and a half in Indianapolis this summer with some very nice Episcopalians—deputies and bishops attending our triennial General Convention—who either don’t know or decline to acknowledge that the ceiling is about to fall in on them.  It’s about to fall on account of deeds such as one the latest convention perpetrated: the approval of “provisional” rites for the blessing of same-sex unions.

Theology aside, the basic enterprise is nutty.  A “provisional”...

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