Strange Bedfellows

Bush and Soros Unite Against Georgia

Last November’s “Rose Revolution” in the Caucasian republic of Georgia made political bedfellows of an unlikely couple: George W. Bush and billionaire “philanthropist” and global meddler George Soros.  The apparent cooperation between the Bush administration and Soros in backing the ouster of President Eduard Shevardnadze seems all the more bizarre in light of Soros’ stated goal of ensuring that Mr. Bush is not re-elected in November.  Nevertheless, the pairing is not as strange as it first seems.  Both Soros and Bush are dedicated to globalization, with Georgia the latest target selected for “regime change.”  The Hungarian-born Soros is intent on spreading his model of an “Open Society” (which emphasizes abortion, euthanasia, legalization of narcotics, and homosexual “rights”) to the mountainous republic and, indeed, across the former Soviet bloc, while, behind talk of widening the parameters of global democracy, the Bush administration’s motives are likely part of Washington’s drive to dominate an oil-rich “arc of instability” stretching from the Middle East to the Caucasus and beyond to Central Asia.

An Anti-Shevardnadze crowd seized Georgia’s parliament on the night of November 22, 2003, forcing the Georgian president to resign after the opposition’s leadership, Mikheil Saakashvili, Nino Burjanadze, and...

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