Stranded by the Time Machine

Stranded by the Time Machine

"I don't know whether it's a good thing to run after our grandchildren and descendants."

              -Dobrica Cosic


H. G. Wells: Experiment in Autobiography; Little, Brown; Boston.


H. G. Wells in Love; Edited by G.P. Wells; Little, Brown; Boston.


Anthony West: H. G. Wells, Aspects of a Life; Random  House;  New York.


"His son's portrait of him as a man who 'transcended his origins and made himself a very big man indeed' is largely con­ vincing."



H.G. Wells belongs irrevocably to the past. The publication of these three books is likely only to revive and alter our memory of him — not to change our opinion of his limited value. Although I was never wont to devour everything he wrote, I could not help noticing...

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