Storming the Castle Doctrine

Americans have been captivated by the February incident in Sanford, Florida, that resulted in the death of Trayvon Martin and the eventual arrest and charging of George Zimmerman.  If the case could be resolved today, Trayvon Martin’s family would still be without a son, George Zimmerman—even if exonerated—will never live a normal life, Sanford Police Chief Billy Lee’s career is tarnished, and Al Sharpton’s ego is even more bloated after succeeding in drawing worldwide attention to a local homicide investigation.

Agitators are using the Martin shooting to push for the repeal of state Stand Your Ground and Castle Doctrine laws.  “When Rosa Parks was arrested, if we had focused on the bus driver and not on the states’ rights law, we would have missed the point,” lectured Jesse Jackson.  “We must not just settle for Zimmerman, we must repeal the Stand Your Ground law.”  New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg describes Stand Your Ground statutes as “shoot first laws . . .  [that] have undermined the integrity of the justice system and done serious harm to public safety.”  He is leading a national campaign to repeal the 25 state laws that permit the use of deadly force if the person being attacked is in a place where he has a lawful right to be and he reasonably believes such force is necessary to prevent...

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