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The Immigration Mystique

sku # MYSTI

Noting that there have been virtually no new arguments in the immigration debate, which is as old as American history, Chilton Williamson, Jr., observes that arguments for and against immigration, unfortunately, have been stated mostly in economic terms.



Immigration and the American Identity

sku # IDENT

With selections for , this book includes essays from Peter Brimelow, Thomas Fleming, Samuel Francis, E. Christian Kopff, John Lukacs, and many more.



Holy War, Just War: Islam and Christendom at War

sku # HOLY

In the pages of Holy War, Just War, Roberto de Mattei argues that "The best way to approach Islam is to respect it. And to respect it means to accept it for what it is, without 'reinterpreting' it and trying to make it what it is not." His is such a sensible approach that it unlikely to be taken up by our leaders, because to view Islam "as it really is" involves jettisoning illusions upon which our foreign policy has been built for decades. . . . | Paperback



The Nonpatriotic President: A Survey of the Clinton Years

sku # NONP

The Nonpatriotic President: A Survey of the Clinton Years is a collection of essays covering Bill Clinton's years as president, starting with his inauguration in 1993, and ending with the 2000 presidential campaign. The book examines, sometimes with humor, a wide range of Clinton-centered issues: the role of the media in his presidency; the cult of celebrity that surrounded him—and which he encouraged—while in office; the conflicts crested by his wife's status as an unelected wielder of power. | Paperback



Deep Hunting, Shallow Fishing

sku # DEEP

Stories of pain and laughter from writer and photographer William Mills on fishing holes and hunting camps. | Paperback



Mexico Way: A Novel

sku # MEXI

Chilton Williamson, Jr.'s gripping novel about one man's desperate journey to the Mexican border. (Paperback)



The Hundredth Meridian: Seasons and Travels in the New Old West

sku # HUND

Chilton Williamson, Jr. (Paperback)



Black Sea Sketches

sku # BLAC

Black Sea Sketches is a travel book written for serious travelers, including armchair travelers. Although the author may take an occasional swim or walk the beaches, the book is much more about the history and prehistory, the culture and the contemporary scene than about recreational opportunities. It is the kind of book you would want to read before or during your own travel in these fascinating countries.



The Education of Héctor Villa

sku # EDUCS

Héctor Villa, a direct descendant of Pancho Villa, and his family have lived in the town of Belen, New Mexico, on the Rio Grande since they were guided across the international border 20 years ago by coyotes. He has his own business as a computer repairman and considers himself a patriotic American and a proud supporter of President George W. Bush. | Softcover



Organizing the Revolution: Selections From Augustin Cochin

sku # ORGA

Augustin Cochin (1876-1916) undertook a minute analysis of the role that provincial clubs and societies played in the genesis of the French Revolution. His work shows clearly how the revolution was organized long before the events of 1789. Wounded four times in World War I, Cochin died before he was able to complete or revise his work. This translation is an attempt to present his unfinished writings in a clear and coherent form. | Paperback



Music from the Lake: And Other Essays Softcover

sku # MUSICS

From the Preface: Among the topics that arise [in this book] are family roots and other human connections; places; travel; books; food; manners and morals; urban design; womanhood; liberal education; natural scenes and objects; and music and architecture.



Bringing America Home (paperback)

sku # BRINS

Tom Pauken's conservative vision for America -- Bringing America Home: How America Lost Her Way and How We Can Find Our Way Back


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