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Defeating Jihad: How the War on Terror May Yet Be Won, In Spite of Ourselves

sku # DEFE

In Defeating Jihad, Srdja "Serge" Trifkovic explains that Islam has created jihad and remains defined by jihad. It is the only major religious doctrine in human history with a developed doctrine, theology and legal system of mandatory violence against non-believers. This fact makes Islam the earliest political ideology that adopted terrorism as a systemic tool of policy, not as a temporary and unwelcome expedient. | Paperback



Conservative Bookshelf

sku # CONS

These and 42 other essential works, selected by Chilton Williamson, Jr., define the ideas that have informed conservatism over the past 4,000 years. No one is better suited to know the books that best articulate just what it means to be a conservative. His insightful analysis and commentary illustrate the timeliness of each title and reveal why 50 works have earned a place in the library of every thoughtful conservative. | Hardcover



Jerusalem, Jerusalem! Softcover

sku # JERUS

Jerusalem, Jerusalem! is the final volume of the Fontenelle Trilogy. It is intended to stand together or independently with two previous novels, Desert Light and The Homestead. The story in this book is set in the early 1990's.



Carolina Cavalier: The Life and Mind of James Johnston Pettigrew

sku # CARO

From the back cover of Carolina Cavalier by Clyde Wilson: Brigadier General James Johnston Pettigrew is best known as the unwavering leader of the North Carolina brigade in Pickett's Charge at Gettysburg.




Immigration and the American Future

sku # IMMI

Chilton Williamson, Jr., edits a collection of essays arguing for a return to a sane immigration policy for the United States, including chapters by David Hartman, Peter Brimelow, Thomas Fleming, Ed Rubenstein, Wayne Allensworth | Paperback



Chronicles of the South: Garden of the Beaux Arts (paperback)

sku # CHRONS1

The best of Chronicles' coverage of the South, volume one | softcover



Chronicles of the South: In Justice to so Fine a Country (paperback)

sku # CHROS2

The best of Chronicles' coverage of the South, volume two | softcover



Peace in the Promised Land: A Realist Scenario

sku # PEAC

Peace in the Promised Land: A Realist Scenario, with chapters from authors Srdja Trifkovic, Thomas Fleming, Michael Stenton, Aaron D. Wolf, Paul Gottfried, Wayne Allensworth, Stephen Presser



The Education of Hector Villa

sku # EDUCH

H├ęctor Villa, a direct descendant of Pancho Villa, and his family have lived in the town of Belen, New Mexico, on the Rio Grande since they were guided across the international border 20 years ago by coyotes. He has his own business as a computer repairman and considers himself a patriotic American and a proud supporter of President George W. Bush. | Hardcover



Life, Literature & Lincoln (paperback)

sku # LIFESC

As groundbreaking as such essays as "Abraham Lincoln and the Rhetoric of Love" and "With Malice Toward Many" may be, Tom Landess will be remembered more for the beauty of his language, the clarity of his thought, and the persistence of memory in pieces like "It's Hard Times, Cotton Mill Girls," "Punk Rock, Prufrock, and the Words We Live By," and "Outgrowing the Past."



Music from the Lake: And Other Essays Hardcover

sku # MUSICH

From the Preface: Among the topics that arise [in this book] are family roots and other human connections; places; travel; books; food; manners and morals; urban design; womanhood; liberal education; natural scenes and objects; and music and architecture.



Bringing America Home (hardcover)

sku # BRINH

Bringing America Home not only explains how we lost our way, but shows how our founding principles can help us find our way back.


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