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The Christian Imagination: English Literature From Wordsworth to Tolkien

sku # A02set

This course explores and discusses modern Christian literature from the Romantics poets to J.R.R. Tolkien. It includes a study guide and lessons on 24 CDs.



Islam: The Score

sku # I0405

Islam: The Score. Set of four CDs.



Islam: What the West Needs to Know

sku # I0706

Set of five CDs.



The War on Terror: Are We Winning Or Losing?

sku # I0505

The War on Terror: Are We Winning or Losing?, the complete set of four CDs.



Convivium Greece 2006: The Greek Roots of Democracy

sku # C06set

Complete set of lectures on 7 CDs. With Dr. Thomas Fleming, Prof. Claude Polin, Christopher Check, Gail Fleming, Nikos Hidiroglou, and Diamantis Bassantis



Winter School: Age of Augustus; Rome, Italy

sku # W11set

Winter School in Rome, Italy. Complete set of 6 CDs.



Winter School: The Greek Roots of Christendom; Athens, Delphi

sku # W10set

Winter School in Athens, Delphi. Complete set of 8 CDs.



Winter School: Lions and Christians; Rome, Italy

sku # W06set

Winter School in Rome, Italy. Complete set of 10 CDs.



Summer School 2013: Reactionary Radicals of the 20th Century

sku # S13set

Complete set of 16 CDs.



Summer School 2012: The Age of Constantine

sku # S12set

Complete set of 17 CDs.



Summer School 2011: The French Revolution

sku # S11set

Complete set of 17 CDs.


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