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Bringing Home America (CD)

sku # L1102

Bringing Home America lecture with Tom Pauken.



Convivium Greece 2006: The Greek Roots of Democracy

sku # C06set

Complete set of lectures on 7 CDs. With Dr. Thomas Fleming, Prof. Claude Polin, Christopher Check, Gail Fleming, Nikos Hidiroglou, and Diamantis Bassantis



Greek Conservative Mind

sku # A06Set

The set includes a study guide and lectures on 16 CDs.



History and Literature of the Ancient World

sku # H03set

Includes the study guide and lessons on 33 CDs.



Ides of March: A Man's Home is His Castle

sku # L1401

The annual Ides of March lecture with Dr. Thomas Fleming.



Ides of March: Cervantes, Christianity, & the Struggle Against the Islamic Caliphate

sku # L1601

Will we learn from the past? How have Western Christians responded to the threat of insurgent Islam? Darío Fernández-Morera answers those questions at The Rockford Institute's 2016 Ides of March Lecture on Democracy and Tyranny.



Ides of March: Facing Financial Meltdown in a Culture of Debt

sku # L1301

Ides of March: Facing Financial Meltdown in a Culture of Debt lecture given by Mark Brennan.



Ides of March: Great Caesar's Ghost!

sku # L1101

The Inaugural Ides of March Lecture on Democracy and Tyranny with Dr. Thomas Fleming.



Ides of March: Power to the People! Right and Left in the Age of Trump

sku # L1701

Can centralized power be used for good, if it is placed into the right hands? Does populism necessarily lead to the proper distribution of power? This is a two cd set. The Q&A is on disc two.



Ides of March: Something Rotten in the State of America

sku # L1201

Ides of March lecture with Dr. Frank Brownlow.



Ides of March: Tyranny from George III to Barack Obama

sku # L1501

Lecture by E. Christian Kopff.