Under the Black Flag

Stimulus Scam

Bernie Ecclestone is a gnomish Brit ex-grease monkey who is my neighbor in Gstaad, the small alpine Swiss village that once upon a time was the Mecca of the old rich and titled, now slowly turning into the playground of the nouveau riche and vulgar.  I’ve often written about Bernie because, for a very short man, he has a very long reach.  About ten years ago he bought a beautiful old inn, a Gstaad landmark used by both locals and tourists, and turned it into a chic boutique-type of restaurant-hotel, whose prices only the very rich can afford.  I wrote about it in the London Spectator, and Bernie answered that it was not his fault my finances were not up to it.  Par for the course.  He recently purchased yet another chalet for his daughters, both ladies experts at knowing the price of everything and the value of nothing.  Ecclestone is a multibillionaire, having made his fortune as owner of Formula One Grand Prix racing, whatever that means.  Ecclestone has been in the news lately because of a remark he recently made: “I think Europe is finished.  It will be a good place for tourism but little else.  Europe is a thing of the past.”

This is where the Brussels gang comes in.  The bureaucrooks of Brussels have begun an advertising campaign that aims to encourage young Europeans to take charge of their economic future by...

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