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Still Sorry After All These Years

With all the mud spattered on the Confederate Battle Flag of late, you knew it wouldn’t be long before Ol’ Virginny scrubbed up for Jamestown’s 400th anniversary with a grandiloquent apology for slavery.  And Georgia, New York, and other former colonies of the original 13 will soon join the state in the confessional tub and lather up with the ideological lye faster than you can say Jackie Robinson.

Some Virginians wondered why they should apologize for something that occurred before any of us, white or black, was born.  “Get over it,” Virginia Del. Frank D. Hargrove told blacks before the resolution passed the General Assembly in February, which only energized the apology’s spear carriers and got them pounding the war drums.

The apology rage is another front in the culture war against the South, in particular, and American history, in general.  The Southern Baptists gibbered an apology for slavery over a decade ago, and newspapers gabble contrition for their soporific coverage of the “civil-rights struggle.”  Never mind the old liberal mantra that only individuals, not groups, are responsible for wrongdoing: One group is the sum of all evils.  The resolution is clear on that, and its startling rhetoric and risible leftist moonshine show just what its authors had in mind: perpetual guilt and atonement from whites; perpetual grievance for blacks. ...

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