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Still Bringing ’Em On

“Bring ’em on,” President Bush announced a few months ago, and America’s opponents have since brought on ever more death and destruction.  Luckily for the President, he lives behind the White House fence, surrounded by a vigilant Secret Service detail.  Not so fortunate were the 16 Americans killed in the downing of the Chinook helicopter, or the half-dozen who died in the subsequent shootdown of the Black Hawk chopper, or the others killed routinely by bombs and bullets.

Rep. George Nethercutt (R-WA) will undoubtedly remind us, as he said only a few weeks ago, that what’s going on in Iraq is “a bigger and better and more important story than losing a couple of soldiers every day.”  Thankfully, he emphasized that the deaths were “awful.”  Still, he might want to wait with the good news until after the funerals.

In fact, even the administration seems to be abandoning its “hear no evil, see no evil, speak no evil” policy.  In early November, the White House yanked Iraqi administrator Paul Bremer back to Washington for urgent consultations and announced that more authority would quickly be turned over to Iraqis—apparently through the unloved, much-disdained Iraqi Governing Council.

Alas, there is not much time: A recent CIA report warns that average Iraqis are losing faith in the United States and gravitating toward...

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