Cultural Revolutions

Star, Dusted

Sometimes I wonder why I spend the lonely night dreaming of a song, but mostly I don’t.  Mostly I don’t, because the nightingale doesn’t tell his fairy tale unless he hopped a ride on the Cunard or the White Star Line.  No, the real problem is what does happen every day or night, and Jon Stewart is one of them—but the news is he’s stepping down.  He is retiring from The Daily Show, and the news is there is no news, in part because of what Jon Stewart did to it.  Ignoring other facets of his career, I will focus on Stewart as the antinews guy.

Now I have nothing against Jon Stewart—he can be very funny, mugging and smirking away.  But there have been a few patterns in his career that some have noticed.  One of these was his national exposure that began simultaneously with the first term of George W. Bush.  With his trade mark “gookie” that was perhaps derived from Harpo Marx, Stewart specialized in throwing one-way cream pies.

The September 11 attack was a superhijacking, itself hijacked by those who exploited it according to a Zionist worldview.  Jon Stewart’s mockeries, possibly ultimately derived from the traditions of the Purim holiday, polarized the dilemmas of American leadership as an internecine Jewish squabble, and not for the first time in American history.  Let’s just say that after the Fall...

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