Cultural Revolutions

Squeaking Through

George W. Bush, as President of die United States, can be counted on in the first six months to . . . well, I should be honest here (with hand on heart). I don't think any of us can say with much precision what my governor will accomplish in the new office whose door he finally squeaked through. But don't drop the family crystal when I say, with all respect to those of another mind on this question, that he mY favorably surprise some arch-skeptics.

As a Republican party chief and state governor, George W. disappointed with some regularity a lot of us fossilized conservatives who wouldn't have minded had he proposed dismantling our photogenic capitol brick by brick and sowing the site with salt. He kind of did a good job here—in any case a far better job than Ann Richards had in the preceding four years. He failed to shrink government, but he voiced Christian moral convictions without guile, didn't shrink from application of the death penalty, tried to raise educational standards, and, not least, presented for the general delectation a family nice as all get-out. He set a good gubernatorial tone—a charge no conservative ever leveled at Richards.

I like and respect the governor, and if this quirky preference inspires readers to whoop up a lynch party in my honor, be it even so. I know some good hidey-holes.

In this life, I have concluded after well-nigh six decades, you do the...

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