Cultural Revolutions

Spirited Away

The Lenin mummy, by the time Chronicles readers see this, may already have been spirited from its Red Square pyramid, and the Communist Party of Russia (CPRF) may have been banned. In mid-July, rumors of such a scenario were circulating among the various pundits, crooks, politicos, cab drivers, and assorted hangers-on who usually pass leaks —sometimes intentional ones — from die massive red-brick walls on the Moscow river, July 17 marked the anniversary of the savage murder of the last Russian czar and his family, and Red stalwarts braced themselves for the worst. No such announcement, however, came from Corky-9, Boris Yeltsin's dacha, where he spends most of his time nowadays between trips to the Central Clinical Hospital and occasional Kremlin ceremonies. Nevertheless, the CPRF suspects that the Bolshevik pharaoh's remains may have been desecrated: Radical communist Viktor Ilyukhin, for instance, claimed that the holy relic had been replaced with a wax dummy, and Ilyukhin and other true believers are still keeping their guard up as August begins and the official start of the campaign season approaches. Elections to the Duma, Russia's lower house of parliament (in which the CPRF presently has the largest single faction), are set for December.

Yeltsin and his "family"—the entourage that has systematically robbed Russia under the banner of "reform" since 1991—have cause...

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