Southwest Illuminations

Range of Light, Catharine Savage Brosman’s sixth full-length collection of poetry, returns to the Southwest landscapes of the poet’s youth.  It is impressive that Brosman has retained such a strong connection to her native region after an adulthood spent in New Orleans and a long career as teacher and scholar of French literature at Tulane University.  Brosman’s verse is a rare example of good creative writing by an academic.  The language of Range of Light is concrete yet musical, free of pedantry or critical jargon.  This collection will appeal to readers who love poetry on nature and appreciate the unabashed sentiments of an artist who does also.

These 45 short poems can be read as the travelogue of a road trip that begins in Colorado and stops at all of the major national parks and towns of historical significance in the mountain states, eventually venturing into eastern California.  Brosman emphasizes the unique physical features of each spot, describing them in precise geological terms and often explaining the geological history of rock and sand formations.  Her explanations always move beyond the objective description of natural forces and invite the reader to find in these landscapes proof of the eternal power of nature as well as the harmony and power that infuse it.  She sees the mud pots of Yellowstone as


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