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Southern Baptists Versus the South

The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) has over 15 million members.  With over 46,000 churches, they are present in all 50 states (as well as several foreign countries).  It is the largest Protestant denomination in the United States.  Nonetheless, for nine straight years, the SBC has reported a net loss of membership.

Last summer, the SBC leadership sparked controversy within the church’s declining ranks by erecting a Golden Calf of political correctness.

At its convention meeting in June, the Southern Baptist leadership launched an all-out offensive against many of the church’s members by repudiating the Confederate Battle Flag.  The attack was orchestrated by two of the SBC’s clergy.

Dr. James Merritt and Dr. William Dwight McKissic, Sr., are megachurch pastors and leaders within the Southern Baptist Convention.  Merritt served as president of the SBC from 2000 to 2002.  Merritt’s sprawling church is in his home state of Georgia, for which his Confederate ancestors courageously fought.  Mc Kissic’s church, located in Texas, is one of the larger black churches within the SBC.  Apparently, McKissic can speak in tongues, making him a Bapticostal.  Both churches conduct services that are very theatrical, more reminiscent of Star Search than the small rural churches that are the backbone of the SBC.

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