Sounding the Trump

In important ways, a revolutionary process has begun.  So argues Ilana Mercer in the best extended analysis yet published of the Trump phenomenon: “Trump is getting an atrophied political system to oscillate” in “an oddly marvelous uprising.”  For us revolutionaries there is still a long way to go, but we are entitled to a “modest hope” that “an utterly different political animal, Donald Trump, might actually do some good for the countrymen he genuinely seems to love.”

It is not Trump who is transforming American politics, the author asserts; “it’s the people of America doing the transforming.”  Trump is the first politician in a long, long time who has regarded America as a country rather than a “proposition” and has actually spoken to and for “the people.”  Far from being “divisive,” his plain speaking has enthusiastically united large numbers of Americans.

The Donald’s creative destruction of a vile Establishment has worked in a number of ways.  He has weakened the media; he has exposed the intellectual and ethical nullity of the Republican Establishment; he has broken the hold of minority complainers over public discourse; and he has exposed the tissue of lies that is the prevailing phony “free trade” doctrine.  The Establishment will not give up its power, profits, and...

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