Something Is Missing

Something Is Missing
REVIEWS\r\nSomething Is Missing\r\nby Paul Gottfried\r\n"If anyone wish to migrate to another village, and if one or more who live in that village do not\r\nwish to receive him, if there he only one who objects he shall not move there."\r\n-The Salic Law, c. 490\r\nThe New Americans:\r\nHow the Melting Pot Can Work Again\r\nhy Michael Bamne\r\nWashington, D.C: Regnen';\r\n33H pp.. $27.95\r\nI n this commentary on the American\r\nexperiment, Micliael Barone declares\r\nthat the United States has been e\\<)King\r\ninto a nuiUicidtural socieh' for a ccntur\\\r\nor more. I he mass immigrahon of Hispanics\r\nand of other 'Ihird World popnlations\r\nthat is now taking place is a reenaetment\r\nof the tidal \\\\a\\e that reached us\r\nfrom heland and f'.astern and Southern\r\nKuropc in the late 19th and early ZOtli\r\ncenturies. While latter-dav immigrants\r\nand our \\isible minorihes are confronted\r\nh\\- elites that ha\\e come "to doubt tlie\r\nfundamental goodness and decenc\\ of\r\ntlic socieh' the\\ nonetheless felt entitled\r\nto lead," Barone is o]5tiuristic about the\r\nprospects for integrahng die "new Auiericans"\r\ninto some kind of national mainstream.\r\nFrom his perspecti\\'e, "striking\r\nparallels" exist between toda\\'s hvphcnatcd\r\n.Americans and some of the older settlers.\r\nBlacks are follow ing the paths trod\r\nb\\ the Irish-Americans se\\eral generations\r\nago: going into politics, the police\r\nlorce, and ci\\il ser\\ice as a wa\\' of raising\r\nthcmsches...

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