Something Is Missing

Something Is Missing
ethnic regimes ha\\e existed in tlic pnst\r\nbnt have usually begun as, or turned into,\r\nempires. Republics, b\\ contrast, have required\r\na higher degree of cohesion to allow\r\nfor effcchve self-rule, hi such politics,\r\npeople must command themseKcs\r\nas an extended commnnitv rather than\r\ntake orders from an emperor or from public\r\nadministrators. While a sophisticated\r\nawareness of the distinction may have\r\neluded WASP elites, they did consider\r\nthe newcomers as cidturallv and even\r\nmoralK' alien to the American people.\r\nOnly when the WASP establishment became\r\nthoroughly decrepit did it move\r\non, with the help of immigrant populations,\r\nto espouse present-day "multieulturalism."\r\nAn ideolog} described bv Barone\r\nhimself as a prescription for Western suicide,\r\nit is clearly not the multicidturalism\r\nhe identifies w ith. But what Barone looks\r\nback to is more of an ideal than a realitv.\r\nT hat world is no longer realizable:\r\nAccelerating multiethnicih, guiltridden\r\nor opportimistic politicians, and\r\ndemographic trends ha\\'C moved us politically\r\nand socially beyond the situation\r\nthat Barone would like to see prevail.\r\nContrar\\- to his stated hope, tiicre is no\r\nevidence that present American elites are\r\nchanging their views about "the basic\r\ngoodness and deccncx of American institutions,"\r\nif that means traditional attitudes\r\nregarding lintited go\\crnment. It is\r\none thing to \\alue institutions, as blirier\r\ndid...

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