Some Dare Call It Justice

Some Dare Call It Justice
REVIEWS\r\nSome Dare Call It Justice\r\nby Stephen B. Presser\r\n"Justice is a contract of expediency, entered upon to prevent men\r\nharming or being harmed."\r\n— Epicurus, Aphorisms\r\nThe Betrayal of America: How the\r\nSupreme Court Undermined the\r\nConstitution and Chose Our President\r\nhy Vincent Bugliosi\r\nNew York: Thunder's Mouth Press;\r\n166 pp., $9.95\r\nSupreme Injustiee: How the High\r\nCourt Hijacked Election 2000\r\nhy Alan M. Dershouitz\r\nNew York: Oxford I'n/Vers/'h' Press;\r\n240 pp., $25.00\r\nBreaking the Deadlock:\r\nThe 2000 Election,\r\nthe Constitution, and the Courts\r\nby Richard A. Posner\r\nPrinceton: Princeton University Press;\r\n266 pp., $24.95\r\nAccording to leading members of the\r\nAmerican law professoriate, the U.S.\r\nSupreme Court's decision, on December\r\n12, 2000, in Bush v. Gore was "lawless\r\nand unprecedented," "not worthy of 'respect,'"\r\nfeatured "sickening h\\pocrisy\r\nand insincere constitutional posturing,"\r\n\\\\as "a disgrace," "illegitimate, undemocratic,\r\nand unprincipled," "egregious," "a\r\nslcight-of-hand trick," and "quite demonstrably\r\nthe worst Supreme Court decision\r\nin history." Off the wall as this criticism\r\nmay be, it is mild compared to that\r\nleveled at the Court by Vincent Bugliosi\r\n{whose claim to fame is that he succcss-\r\nStephen B. Presser is the legal-affairs\r\neditor for Chronicles and the Raoul\r\nBerger Professor of l£gal Histor\\' at the\r\nNorthwestern Dniversit)' School of...

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