Cultural Revolutions

Society is to Blame

Patti Davis, Reagan's little girl whose nude body graced the cover of the July Playboy, has finally settled down, gotten her act together—and written a novel about bondage. Yes, bondage. And it's titled, well, Bondage. Discussing her book on the NBC Today show with interviewer Katie Couric, who noted that it's about people "totally out of control," Davis explained that she wrote this novel because she's always wanted to write about—get this!—"trust within the context of a relationship." Why? To examine: "What if that trust was so extreme, how far would someone go?"

Davis says her theory is as follows: "That if you could trust someone that much to get into that kind of sexual exploration, in this case bondage, that it would probably be the most erotic experience in the world—rather than the danger being the enticement, that actually that [kind of total] trust would be." She admits, however, that one of her characters does "get involved" with another "who's a bit more dangerous than those of us [?] would like."

Why write about bondage? Well, Davis says she wanted to write a story about "dangerous people" because they're "fascinating and very attractive and they're out there"—which, indeed, they are. I mean, just check the nearest mirror, Ms. Davis.


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