Society: Hell Is Other People

Society: Hell Is Other People
went to Texas, got into a little\r\nscrape with the law. Came clown\r\nhere, got a new name, new start,\r\nwife, f;imily; bnt in my heart, I'm\r\nstill a Tennessee man.\r\nLike the Apache, Sonthcrners are a noble\r\nbut defeated people who nnist find a\r\nplace in the new order. Gatcwood chooses\r\nto sen e the new flag, while refusing to\r\nabandon his integrih- or culture; the 'I'cnnessean\r\nchooses exile. The Apaches arc\r\nforced to make the same choice. In refusing\r\nto do so, the\\ end up in exile an\\-\r\nv\\'a\\.\r\nThe Geronimo campaign ends with\r\ntwo incidents, one marked b\\ n()bilit\\\r\nand pathos, the other by betra\\'al and perfid}'.\r\nIn the first, Gatcwood, after months\r\nof searching, locates Geronimo and his\r\nremaining band ot warriors in a mormtain\r\nredoubt in the Sierra Madrc of northern\r\nMexico. There, he persuades the\r\nwarrior tiiat the war is over and that there\r\nis no point in further resistance, for the\r\nApache arc too few. Geronimo agrees to\r\nsurrender, even though it means a minimum\r\nof h\\o \\ears of exile in Florida. In\r\nthe second scene. Gen. Nelson Miles,\r\nwho succeeds Grook, orders the Chiricahua\r\nscouts who had so faithfullv served\r\nthe Arm\\' arrested, disarmed, and put on\r\na train to Florida, where the\\ share the\r\nfete of dicir Apache brethren whom the\\'\r\nhad fought. lieutenant Davis goes to see\r\nGeneral Miles to protest: "Sir, I thouglit\r\nthe U.S. Arm)' kept its word. What's\r\ngoing on out tiicrc is...

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