Cultural Revolutions

"Socialism of Fools"

Anti-Semitism, said August Bebel, was the "socialism of fools." Murray Rothbard has responded similarly to the reckless imputation of anti-Semitic motives by neoconservatives and their clients, saying that "Anti-anti-Semitism has become the conservatism of fools." The non-responsiveness of journalists and intellectuals to the gentile-bashing of Alan Dershowitz suggests that the problem underlined by Professor Rothbard goes well beyond neoconservative America. Public tolerance of Dershowitz as an angry victim of white Christian society may be a measure of American willingness to put up with anything lest one be seen as insensitive. Watching Dershowitz on television and then reading his autobiography Chutzpah, I was struck by his deft manipulation of a particular image, that of an aggrieved member of an immeasurably victimized group, the victimization of which is somehow the inexpiable fault of white heterosexual Christian males. Curiously, it is never made clear who the victim is. It is not all Jews, for Dershowitz vents his contempt on German Jews and on those of his coreligionists who made it in America before him and whose names do not seem, at least to his ear, sufficiently Jewish. In fact, the only Jews he would admit as fellow victims are those who share his unutterable indignation against goyim and who support the present Israeli settlement policy on the West Bank. Dershowitz insists that the displacement of...

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