"Social Register"

With a sense of sweet justice muted only by the most basic human considerations, we read of one event in New York's end-of-summer season: the mugging of two prominent socialites, big stars on the Manhattan lib jet-set firmament, both shining lights of Vogue and WWD. The deliciously exciting romp took place in the East End-Carl Schurz Park area, one of the most exquisite preserves of Gotham's high life. Actually, the innocent victims were strolling leisurely toward Gracie Mansion, NY Mayor Ed Koch's residence, to attend a reception.

Innocent victims?  Legally and formally—of course. But in the abstruse layers of existence where metaphysics reigns, no one knows for sure what is bringing about misery, violence, evil. The pair, robbed at gunpoint on the same block where the city's Police Commissioner lives, consisted of Senator Christopher Dodd from Connecticut, one of the most liberal members of the U.S. Senate, and one Amanda Burden, a darling of the grape-pickers-benefit cocktail parties set whose support for the "needy" has never interfered with her millionaire lifestyle. Each is representative of the kind of liberal who has rarely stepped away from private schools and limousines into the real world, and has nothing but venomous contempt for the Iowa farmer and Georgia grocer who demur at paying taxes to support welfare programs and who have...

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