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Sochi Olympics: P***y Riot Gets Whipped

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By:Eugene Girin | February 20, 2014

To the joy of traditionalists everywhere, the obscene-named punk feminist band's exploits in Sochi came to an inglorious end.  The bandmembers gained worldwide celebrity status after yelling out Christophobic slogans on the altar of Moscow's Christ the Savior Cathedral.  After being pardoned from their two year sentences by Vladimir Putin, they made a whirlwind tour of the West, meeting with new NYC mayor Bill De Blasio and his wife and performing alongside Madonna (who was aptly, if crudely characterized as an "old w***e" by Russian deputy PM Dmitry Rogozin).

The wenches' next target was unsurprisingly, the Sochi Olympics.  But unlike in genteel, Westernized Moscow, they ran into some tough resistance.  You see, Sochi is located in the Kuban region of Russia, where there was a traditionally strong Cossack presence.  For hundreds of years, the Cossacks served as brutal, loyal, and efficient enforcers of strong Russian rule and were always known for their reverence for Russia's Faith and Tradition.  After the fall of the USSR, they distinguished themselves in defending Russian and Slavic interests in armed conflicts in Trans-Dniester, Abkhazia, Bosnia, and Croatia (Slavonia and Krajina).  In Sochi, the Cossacks serve as a volunteer militia, providing security and crowd control for the Olympics.

After being released from brief police custody in Sochi, the members of P***y Riot and a few male supporters decided to stage an impromptu anti-Putin performance in the center of Sochi.  Just as they put on their infamous colored balaklavas, a group of Cossacks approached and put a stop to their performance using pepper spray and more traditional methods:  horsewhips and some strong Russian profanities.

Now, the fact that the Cossacks beat and cursed out women is inexcusable.  But in that horsewhipping and string of profanities, one senses the completely justified anger, resentment, and disgust that ordinary, decent Russian people have for the antics of P***y Riot and their Western backers.  Too bad the NYC authorities didn't import some tough Cossack lads to deal with the obnoxious leftists of Occupy Wall Street.



Dan Hayes
Rego Park
2/21/2014 02:24 AM

  I beg to differ. The actions of the Cossacks were not "inexcusable", actually they were quiet commendable!

Jay Donald Reid
2/21/2014 02:48 AM

  Thank God for the Cossacks. The filthy and abusive antics of P---- Riot, no matter how the degenerate press and many Westerners applaud them, are simply revolting, and no civilized people should be obliged to tolerate, much less accomodate such outrage. By encouraging such (so-called artistic) behaviour, the New York mayor and those of his ilk are lying down with the proverbial swine . . . and enjoying it. What has become of the sense of shame that used to inhibit mankind? To what depths would P---- Riot sink to show disdain for morality?

Eugene Girin
Forest Hills
2/21/2014 03:55 PM

  Mr. Reid, I'll tell you exactly to what unfathomable depths P***y Riot has sunk. Nadezhda Tolokonnikova, one of the two imprisoned Christophobic hooligans, participated in a filmed, public orgy in a Russian museum while being eight or nine months pregnant. There is no depth of depravity to which they won't sink.

Nicholas MOSES
Paris (FR)
2/23/2014 08:39 PM

  The worst to date, as far as I'm concerned, was the FEMEN militant who burst onto the altar at the Madeleine Church, bare-breasted and with "CHRISTMAS IS CANCELLED" scrawled across her chest as she simulated an "abortion" on a piece of offal meant to represent the Christ child, in front of a statue of the Blessed Virgin. No action has been taken by the French Socialist government.

Jay Donald Reid
2/24/2014 05:43 PM

  Mr. Moses, I am Eastern Orthodox, so I will not presume to pass judgement on the leadership of Roman Catholicism. I must ask, however: Where is the outrage of the bishops and Pope Francis? If any have spoken, their words have not reached the Western press. I suppose, of course, that the mephitic stench of such an act would not be considered outrageous by the so-called journalists. Indeed, most of our Western media would applaud the act as a glorious instance of self-expression and freedom of speech. I wonder how much freedom of expression will be allowed once society has been taken over by its most degraded elements. Lord Have Mercy.


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