Snuffed Candle

Proclaimed political “dynasties” in American history have never persisted beyond two generations.  The Adams family produced two presidents in two generations, followed by an author of significant accomplishments who disdained democracy and never ran for political office.  The Roosevelts, Theodore and Franklin D., came from two branches of the family and later produced several public office holders of no importance.  The Kennedy “dynasty” amounted to one president and two presidential brothers, one of whom got himself appointed attorney general by his brother, and both of whom were later elected U.S. senators.  Their progeny, while following careers in government, fell far short of the expectations so-called dynasties engender.  The Bush “dynasty” lasted, like the Adams one, through two presidents from successive generations, and since last fall appears to be going nowhere.  Now it is the turn of the Clintons, a husband-and-wife act representing a single generation with ambitions to succeed itself, so to speak, and their daughter, groomed by the couple from an early age to wear the family mantle, bear the Clinton torch.  This latest dynasty, following Hillary Clinton’s soporific, unimaginative, and incompetent campaign last fall, seems destined to be the briefest of them all as Democrats reflect candidly on the party’s need to shake loose from the control of its...

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