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Slaviansk in Flames

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By:Elena Chudinova | June 09, 2014

Fairness does not exist and it is no use looking for it. The world got into the habit of taking the wrong side. That was how Christian Serbia was torn apart and Albanian criminals turned Kosovo - holy for every Serb - into a different state, a drug lord state, a human organ trafficking state, all before the eyes of the progressive humanity. That was how the same Chechens that took maternity wards hostage were called "honorable rebels and freedom fighters" by the newspapers, and murderers up to their elbows in blood still live in London as honored guests. Now, the Russian militiamen of the former South-East Ukraine are called "terrorists" even though they did not besmirch themselves with a single act of terror. The world is ruled by lies.

The Ukrainian language was never spoken in the lands where two new republics, the DPR (Donetsk People's Republic) and the LPR (Lugansk People's Republic) were proclaimed, united into Novorossiya ("New Russia"). These lands were given to the Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic on the whim of the Bolsheviks. With the USSR's collapse, by the arbitrary decision of Yeltsin, the same lands, with their native Russian population were given to a new country - Ukraine. No referendums were held back then and no one bothered to ask the people if they, together with their homes, want to end up in an alien country. Apparently, what was done then was considered perfectly democratic.

An alien tongue, forced upon them as the official language and a hostile government. Not one Ukrainian president: not Kuchma, not Yanukovych, and especially not Yuschenko paid attention neither to the Russian population, nor to the whole South-East of their artificially fused country. The Russians' patience ran out when another revolution, a common event for that unstable country, brought into power forces, which openly clamored for the reevaluation of World War II, forces, which raised the Hitlerite hangman Bandera as the banner of Ukraine. The inhumane ideology intrinsic to National Socialism engulfed the Russian population of Ukraine. But why, instead of expressing a natural horror at the revanche of Nazism, did the whole world start taking about "Russia's expansion"?

This is another lie. There are no Russian troops in the newborn republics. Putin is afraid to help Novorossiya. And it is hard to condemn him for it, since the threat of World War III is more than real when everyone is blind to the truth.

The basically unarmed volunteers of Novorossiya stand in the path of the Ukrainian army. The strength of the sides is unequal. Colonel Strelkov's volunteers fight and die in an uneven battle and civilians, women, and children are being attacked from the air. Does anyone care about the deaths of Russian children in Ukraine? Does at least one media outlet publish the photographs of the atrocities? No, and again, no.

In recent days, a video shot in Lugansk made the rounds of the Russian internet. On the video, a woman whose legs were ripped off is dying. Her name was Inna Kukurudza and with her last breaths, she is seen trying to give her daughter's telephone number. What is really scary is not the video, but the outrageous fact that it did not make its way into the foreign media.

And the scariest part are the comments that were posted in social networks. Ukrainian bloggers joke about which untoward object should be placed on the coffin of the dead woman. "There are no humans in Lugansk, they need to carpet bomb it. 450,000 amoebas deserve to be annihilated. The guys that are liquidating these animals, need to keep in mind: they are not dealing with humans", writes one blogger. "If there are so many casualties from the hit of one small rocket, why not hit them from the planes for real, bury a thousands of these beasts at once and get it over with the Lugansk republic?", asks another. "They did not rub out enough Russian vermin!", calls out a third blogger. "They are not women, but female Colorado potato beetles, you have to know your biology", laughs a fourth.

Consider - this is all being said with the video of a young woman's violent death playing in the background. Here we see a characteristic National Socialist phenomenon - the dehumanization of the victim. The key assertion here is: "these are not humans". The same thing happened a month before the air strikes when around fifty people opposed to the Maidan and just bystanders were burned to death in the Trade Unions House in Odessa. Back then, the murdered people were called "May shish kebabs" in the Ukrainian social media. What other explanation could there be for this inhuman cruelty in the 21st century, in the middle of Europe other than the revanche of Hitlerism. As the Russian publicist Olga Tukhanina wrote: "Now we can see firsthand how it all happened with Germany".

These evil cruelties were preceded by words. Just words that seemed to be "only words, nothing less". Everything is preserved in our information age. The internet kept a video of a school yard line-up, apparently in Kiev, where a group of teenagers chants "Russian to the gallows!" Deeds always follow such words. Is it surprising that Crimea and Novorossiya expressed their desire to leave Ukraine?

Thousands of men from all over Russia are going through the border to join Colonel Strelkov in Slaviansk, which became the symbol of the anti-Nazi resistance. Young people and college students are joining up. Recently, the volunteers escorted a seventeen-year-old boy who claimed to have "lost his documents" back to safety.

The volunteers keep arriving, people keep dying, and the world does not know about the ongoing evil. Colonel Strelkov asks the Russian government for help, but Russia is silent. The heroes of Slaviansk are still fighting. Fighting with whatever is left of their strength.



Dan Hayes
Rego Park
6/9/2014 06:10 PM

  A very powerful commentary on the purposeful wrong headiness of the Western media regarding the ongoing slaughter in eastern Ukraine. Prof. Stephen Cohen in The Nation magazine (of all places!) has lamented that in the United States there is no meaningful discussion regarding the actual Ukraine situation with all the usual suspects (Wall Street Journal, NY Times, Washington Post, etc) presenting only the administration's narrative and thereby failing to engage in any meaningful discussion. A very important point was made regarding Putin's behavior: "since the threat of World War III is more than real when everyone is blind to the truth." Compare Putin's judicious behavior with that of the certifiably unstable McCain.

robert m. peters
6/10/2014 02:53 AM

  Miss Chudninova, I saw the video of Mrs. Kukurudza in what appear to be a valiant struggle in her death throes with her legs maimed, seemingly beyond repair. He heard the terrified and helpless anger of the man making the video - family member, friend, stranger? What I also read as I scanned the German-language web sites and the French web sites which carried the video, and there were no few, was the moral solidarity and the outraged expressed by the vast majority of those posting there. Antithetical to the overwhelming number of German and French bloggers who expressed that solidarity and outrage was one post which suggested that all of us who were so posting were cyber agents of the KGB. This is, in fact, the official line in many German editorials which attempt to explain away the grass-roots revulsion of many Germans to their own governments policy in the matter as well as that of the EU, of NATO and of the US: they simply say that this grass-roots does not exist; it is a cyber specter created by President Putin. Evil has become good; and good has become evil. It is my hope that President Putin and those who advise him understand that the outside agitators who fostered the unrest and the civil war in Ukraine are not after the Ukraine; it is merely a pawn in the quest to destroy Mr. Putin himself and the Russia which he represents to "these people." There will be no peace with "these people." Here in our climes we have known "these people" for well over 150 years. They are unrelenting. They are secularized Puritan sociopaths and psychopaths with the will to power both in finances and in ideology - the perfect blend of Jacobins and corporatists.

John Sobieski
New York
6/10/2014 11:43 AM

  Chronicles Magazine has reached a new low with this ridiculous piece. Pure Ukrainophobia. The so-called Hitlerites got a resounding 2% of the vote in the election. Hardly a "revanche of Nazism." And you'd have to have a pretty broad definition of Nazism for these people to qualify. Meanwhile the honorable pro-Russians parade with icons of mass-murderers Stalin and Lenin. That's no problem for some reason.

robert m. peters
6/10/2014 03:15 PM

  Mr. Sobeski, I have numerous Russian friends who in passionate and heated conversations use as a kind of intellectual shorthand "Nazi" for the enemy and often refer to the Soviet Union and even Stalin as the antithesis. They understand that something very evil is afoot and it is moving against them; they look into their not-too-distant past and put names on it and on themselves, names which I tell them should be avoided. To believe that putting a stake once again through the heart of Ukrainian Nazis, and they do exist, and they are not "neo," will rid them of the evil arrayed against them is naive. I suggest to them that their fixation on "Nazi" could be leveraged against them by the evil which is upon them. They will be fighting the wrong enemy. The evil consists of the global elites headquarted in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. and likely London. The wraiths which serve this evil are found in Berlin and Paris as well as the lesser capitals of the anti-West which calls itself the West. The agents of this evil are NATO, the EU, the IMF, the WTO, and, when convenient, the UN. It is the Hobbesian state, having shed its nationalist guise questing for world hegemony. Russia and China are in the way; so is the remnant of real Americans who are under siege with a demographic war, an economic war, and a cultural and spiritual war. The "Rus, i.e. the peoples who share the same set of traditions, customs and habits across the states of the former Soviet Union, be they within those states in slightly different idioms, are a natural force in the way of Hobbesian globial hegemony. The Ukraine is the first weak point in this natural force; that is why it is being attacked first; if the Hobbesian state wins there, and well it might, it will move to overthrown Putin, his government and the military and economic embodiment which it gives this counter force - "Rus." I pray that they can resist, for we have lost our will to resist.

6/10/2014 05:03 PM

  It is a travesty of a great name for someone of this calibre to call himself John Sobieski. I am instructing our webmaster not to allow it. This person can only chose to do the manly thing and post under his/her/its own name.


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