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Slaviansk: Civilians Under Attack

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By:Elena Chudinova | June 18, 2014

Six-year-old Polina Sladkaya became the latest lodger of the Slaviansk morgue. She was killed on June 8 by a Ukrainian mortar shell. Everyone knows that morgue workers are not distressed by the sight of dead bodies, because of a natural coping mechanism. But even the morgue workers wept when they saw this blonde-haired toddler with shell fragments imbedded in her stomach, legs, and temple.

But now, the Slaviansk city morgue is closed. It cannot function anymore because of the frequent blackouts. The victims' bodies are buried on the day of death, since the heat is unbearable and the city is facing an outbreak of disease. Funeral agencies stopped working long ago, it is simply too dangerous. Volunteers are now in charge of the burials. It was probably the volunteers who days ago, buried three elderly people from the village of Vostochny. Husband and wife Olga and Vladimir Chernikov and Raisa Gulak. They were killed in their own homes. Journalists, the representatives of an untouchable profession, Anton Voloshin and Igor Kornelyuk from All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (VGTRK) were killed under the pinpoint fire of Ukrainian mortars. All this is still referred to as a "counterterrorist operation".

When Pyotr Poroshenko promised to stop the bombardment in a week, the Russian publicist and philosopher Egor Holmogorov aptly pointed out that the promise is equivalent to a direct order to annihilate as many civilians in a week as possible. The later events only confirmed the rightness of Holmogorov's remarks.

What is the point of this cruel bombardment of the civilian population? Experts are united in their opinion about the cynical goal of the bombardment - to make the civilians turn against their own militia. But it had the completely opposite effect. With every passing day, the people of Novorossiya are more and more certain that they made the right choice through their referendum, since you can never recognize a government that bombards you.

Novorossiya will resist to the end, it simply has no other choice. On June 11, the acting minister of defense of Ukraine Mikhail Koval announced at the ministerial meeting that after the defeat of the uprising, "special filtration measures" will be used against the people of the South East who will be resettled in different regions of Ukraine. The probable plan is to settle the Ukrainian-speaking inhabitants of Galicia, loyal to the Kiev regime, in the resource-rich South East. Kiev is practical in its own way. But this is the practicality of a cannibal.

Every day it is more and more dangerous to deliver humanitarian aid like medicine, bandages, and non-perishable goods to Novorossiya from Russia. Charitable organizations do it all by themselves, sending off vehicles on the so-called "corridors" to Novorossiya, which still does not receive aid on the official level from Russia. And if these "corridors" stop functioning, the effect will be appalling. 

Is there a force left, that could stop the genocide of the Russian population in Ukraine? How long will Moscow sit on its hands? Life did not yet provide the answers.



San Antonio
6/19/2014 01:04 AM

  I think a ceasefire with Russian peacekeepers operating in the two provinces would be the best way to stop bloodshed. The rebels are more determined and could eventually make it to Kiev as long as they exhaust Kiev's supply of tanks and helicopters. Of course, the Obama administration is promising aid to the Kiev regime similar to the aid he gave to the "rebels" in Syria. The result of that policy has been to maximize civilian bloodshed in Syria and challenge the government in Baghdad and the Kurdish-controlled region of Iraq. It makes me wish that the office of the president could be removed from the Constitution.

Seva Brodsky
7/23/2014 01:14 AM

  What do you people think about UA and RU now, after these so-called separatists / militiamen / partisans / terrorists / freedom fighters shot a civilian plane with 300 people out of the sky with a Russian missile, with its launcher manned by several trained (but not very bright) Russians? Incidentally, being an engaging writer does not a fine historian or subtle politologist make. But it sure makes for a skilled propagandist. Mind you, I tend to share most of Elena's views re Islam vis-a-vis her book "The Mosque of Notre-Dame" and I demonstrated in Boston against the NATO bombing campaign of YU, yet this is no way clouds my critical thinking when she chooses to opine about the terrible situation in Eastern UA. If anything, Putin and his vile regime are to blame for most of it. Elena's patriotism need not to take such an ugly, unbalanced and one-sided form. Lies indeed. These "brave" militiamen use human shields, commit atrocities, war crimes, and crimes against humanity, yet Elena chooses to defend them, come hell or high water. Is THAT "fair and balanced"? I could easily take apart most of her statements, b/c they are blatant lies and/or misrepresentations, but time and space preclude me from doing so here and now. Suffice it to say that I've been following the conflict quite closely from the outset, and things just ain't how she chooses to paint them (probably due to her particular worldview). "Facts be damned -- if they don't fit the theory, so much worse for the facts." "Don't confuse me with facts, as I've never allowed facts to stand in the way of preconceived notions and foregone conclusions." This article is pure demagoguery and shameless propaganda, sorry.


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