Six Midterm Reflections

As the Midterm Election returns came in, one thing became clear: There would be no “blue wave.”  The Democrats secured the House of Representatives, though not by a wide margin, and the Republicans held the Senate, gaining a few seats.  The House Democrats and their GOP “NeverTrump” allies still skulking about the Beltway bubble will be able to make trouble for the White House, but they will not have the votes to do as they had hoped, which is to remove President Trump from office.

Trump made immigration the issue in the campaign, demonstrating once again that what the Orange Man lacks in intellectual depth or ideological consistency, he makes up for in patriotic sentiment and keen political instinct.  The Main Stream Media’s seemingly ceaseless focus on a deadly shooting at a Pittsburgh synagogue (by a maniac who hated Trump) and dud pipe bombs delivered to Trump haters (they are not simply “critics”) may have swayed some suburban helicopter moms, but Trump’s campaigning, in the face of relentless media attacks, was effective.

At this juncture in Trump’s presidency, with the Midterm Elections behind us, we may draw some conclusions about what has taken place and where the political battle is headed.

First, the “crazy Democrats” (as Missouri Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill, who lost her bid for re-election, characterized...

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