Cultural Revolutions

Sinking to an All Time Low

After September 11, no foreigner can fully understand what it is like to live in America.  Every day, we have to listen to our leaders telling us why the Constitution doesn’t work any more.  It is enough to make an honest conservative want to join the ACLU—almost.  The ACLU will go all the way to protect terrorist groups from ethnic profiling, but it is strangely silent on the persecution of pro-life activists.  The media have been dropping hints lately that the real culprits in the anthrax scare are probably straight, white, pro-life, right-wing males, and Republicans, who would scarcely have a party—much less control of the White House—without the support of the pro-life movement, are too demoralized to protect the civil liberties of anyone to the right of Denny Hastert.

Every time there is a national crisis caused by leftists and their principles, it is always used to crack down on the right and advance leftist principles.  If, say, a communist shoots a president, we are treated to lengthy exposés of the right-wing conspiracy, followed by movie spoofs pretending that JFK was killed because of his principles (the humane and peace-loving Jack was just about to pull the plug on Vietnam!).  Or, if there is an epidemic of illegitimacy among teenaged girls or a social disease like AIDS, it can never lead to a reevaluation of the amoral hedonism promoted by public schools, the...

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