Singing Our Song

In the summer of 2014, a “surge” was on at the southern border, particularly in my home state of Texas, stimulated by the Obama administration’s signals that it was planning a mass amnesty and had no intention of enforcing immigration laws.  It became painfully obvious that the border crisis—the near total collapse of any controls or security at the U.S./Mexico border, especially in South Texas—was manufactured by the powers that be as a means of forcing through a mass amnesty, either via Congress or by executive fiat.  Legalizing millions of illegal aliens resident in these United States was the immediate goal, but the strategic aim of stimulating an “humanitarian crisis” at the U.S. border was what Obama has described as his mission to “fundamentally transform” the country—that is, to overwhelm and effectively marginalize the historic American nation.  Once that is accomplished, there can be no going back to anything resembling the America of historical memory.

In the summer of 2015, another “surge” was on, and another manufactured crisis—that of “refugees” from the Middle East and Africa—became the latest ploy by the Masters of the Universe to overwhelm Europe and the United States with aliens from distant and often hostile societies.  We are seeing a crisis unfold before us of world-historical significance, a threat...

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