Silver or Lead: The Reverse Assimilation of the Southwest

Texas attorney general and gubernatorial candidate Greg Abbot committed what is commonly called a political gaffe earlier this year when he said what every thinking person this side of the Rio Grande already knew: Mass immigration from Mexico means the importation of Mexican corruption and the steady erosion of law and social trust that too many Americans take for granted.  The attorney general spoke of “creeping corruption” and “Third World country practices” that “erode the social fabric of our communities,” a process that is quite advanced in South Texas, which is already well on its way to “assimilation” of a kind no sensible Texan can abide: They are not becoming us; we are becoming them.  Abbot’s “insensitive” remarks were all the more surprising coming from a mainstream Republican politician and may have been an early sign of what Texas patriots had long hoped for: a sea change in attitudes about the state’s steady merger with the narco culture to our south.

Abbot did not elaborate, but those of us with eyes to see and defective thoughtcrime mechanisms knew what he meant: South Texas sheriffs and their deputies working for drug cartels or robbing drug runners to sell the goods themselves; Border Patrol officers taking bribes to turn a blind eye to drug shipments and “human trafficking”; and judges selling their rulings.  The corruption...

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