Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times
The U.N.-sponsored World Conference\r\nAgainst Racism, Racial Discrimination,\r\nXenophobia, and Related hitolcrance in\r\nDurban, South Africa, turned out to be\r\never)' bit as odious as its name promised.\r\nIt frirnished an occasion for the talking\r\nheads, otherwise-unemployable NGO\r\napparatchiks, and sanctimonious windbags\r\naround the globe to do their tiling,\r\nand —in parhciilar—to agonize over the\r\ndeparture of the American delegation because\r\nof a declaration accusing Israel of\r\nracism. Not a single mainstream American\r\ncommentator dared state the obvious:\r\nthat the United States should never\r\nhave attended this circus in the first\r\nplace. Simon Jenkins, however, called\r\nthis spade a .spade in liis September 5 column\r\nin the Times of London:\r\nSo Fidel Castro is the "world's\r\ngreatest democrat", China is an authorit}'\r\non press freedom and Americans\r\nare guilt}' of the genocide of\r\n800,000 people "for not interx-ening\r\nin Rwanda". Welcome to the\r\nUnited Nations . . . The only question\r\nwas which lobbyist could\r\nshout loudest, to bid for more cash\r\nback home bv winning a paragraph\r\nin a meaningless resolution.\r\nDurban symbolizes the global institutions\r\nthat have lost all accountabilitv' and\r\nsense of proportion, writes Jenkins, and\r\nits fixation on "racism" was the nadir of\r\nthe genre. It was planned as the first big\r\nouting for the most outrageous legal con\r\nin modern history, the demand that\r\n"white"...

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