Signs of the Times

Signs of the Times
Mexico's I'rcsident Vicente Fox when he\r\ncame to Washington on September 5.\r\nHis American snpporters, e\\er concerned\r\nahont the "safetv" of illegals as\r\nthe\\ sneak across die border, do not know\r\n—or perhaps do not want it known—that\r\n1^'ox has initiated a "Southern Plan," using\r\nmass deportaHons and a stepped-up\r\nmilitar\\' presence in anti-immigrant operahons\r\nto choke off tlie flow of Central\r\nAmericans crossing into Mexico from\r\n(hiatemala. According to a feature in the\r\nMexican newsmagazine Proceso (June 26);\r\n()\\ er a period of 1 •> da\\ s, starting\r\non June 4, the southern border of\r\nMexico was the stage for a largescale\r\npolice action that resulted in\r\nmore than 6,()()() deportations of illegal\r\naliens to Guatemala from\r\nMexico .. . 'I'hc prelude, know n as\r\n"orderK and secure repatriation,"\r\nmobilized o\\cr 200 police agents\r\nfor sc\\eral weeks. 'VUev checked\r\nhotels, parks, bars, brodiels, and\r\npublic areas in search of illegal\r\naliens li\\ ing in border cihes . . .\r\nThe Mexican arnu was used to\r\ncordon off certain areas . . . and\r\nbuses carr\\ ing deportees were mo\\'-\r\ning out on a dail\\ basis . . . Now\r\nthat the deportees ha\\e been\r\nnuned out, crime has begun to decrease.\r\nPerhaps the United States should follow\r\nPresident Fox's example, ratlier than\r\nhis rhetoric. The LNS, assisted bv the\r\n.\\run and hundreds of police agents (if it\r\ncannot do die job alone), should do no\r\nmore to...

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