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Signs of Hope in the East

In the United States, the forces of the cultural left have been particularly aggressive in seeking to diminish the influence of our Christian heritage on American society.

The Obama administration has led the campaign for the complete separation of religion from the public square.  It has used executive orders, regulatory rule-making authority, and the bully pulpit to promote policies that are antithetical to the Christian traditions of our nation.  More ominously, it has attempted to force Christian businesses, nonprofits, and public officials to affirm the core elements of its social agenda.  That includes the requirement of abortion coverage in health-insurance policies and the acceptance of same-sex marriage on an equal plane with marriage between a man and a woman.  Failure to comply with the Obama administration’s social agenda—an agenda shared by the President’s allies at the state level—has bankrupted businesses, caused individuals to lose their jobs, and resulted in non profits having their government funding removed.  Violate your religious principles, or pay a heavy price financially and personally if you choose to resist.

All of this is taking place in a so-called liberal democracy.  This is not just an attempt to build a wall of separation between Church and state: It is an expression of active hostility toward Christianity, reminiscent of the French Revolution.


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