Shoes to Fill

America is a nation of normal people who find themselves thrust into increasingly abnormal situations.  Left-wing ideologues want to take a country of families, churches, and businesses and turn it into a playpen of radical identities.  This is to be done in the name of fighting oppression, where apparently the most oppressive thing of all is to be what was once considered a happy and fulfilled middle-class mother or father.  Without knowing it, ordinary Americans were living lives of the deepest misery.  But their salvation will come, once the left has acquired power enough to force us all to be free.

The radical left is not the only transformational ideology turning American life into an ongoing experiment.  An equally revolutionary faith is to be found among elites who think of themselves as occupying the sensible center.  They seek a revolution not against government or the economic order—both of which serve them well—but against what they view as outmoded habits and ideas that impede the march to perfection.  Citizenship, the nation-state, and all that they entail are among the archaic remains that must be bulldozed, although citizenship might be retained if it can be redefined as “loyalty to liberalism.”

Americans who want to lead ordinary lives are caught in a dilemma: If they do not fight back against the ideologues who seek to mold them into new...

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